Top 3 floral pattern baby carriers

Safety Essentials

77Post the birth of a baby, it is very important to cover the basic amenities in the baby registry items. One such crucial item is the baby carrier. Generally a mother being the one who carries the baby everywhere it is not new for them to be choosing floral prints for the baby carriers. Wraparound slings, pouch slings, Mei Tais, ring slings and soft structured carriers are few of the varieties in baby carriers. The top three includes:

Mei Tais

These are a new version of the regular Chinese baby carrier but with a dash of modern design. Mei Tais available in multiple floral prints and designs feature a body panel, waist straps and shoulder straps. Touted to be one of the best baby carriers, Mei Tais offer a gamut of features such as headrests, diaper pockets and sleeping hoods. The floral prints are available on various types of fabrics – simple to most luxurious kinds. The newer versions of Mei Tais have wide / extra-wide and padded / unpadded shoulder straps for increased comfort to the user.

Pouch Slings

The pouch slings can be defined as a tube designed out of a fabric. It includes a curved seam and is quite sleek in design. There are pink, green, lilac, white, orange, brown, red and blue floral designs available to match the users taste. Pouch slings can be adjusted to the wearer’s size. These are generally preferred for children when they weigh slightly more than they were just born. These are quite easy to store since they take less space in a diaper bag and are extremely easy to wear and remove.

Wraparound Slings

Mothers who are looking for floral prints in baby carriers should consider wraparound slings. The simplest of all, Wraparound slings are strips of cloth that can be worn around as baby carrier. These are considered to be quite comfortable and can be designed in cotton, hemp, silk, linen or wool. Initially one might need some learning to know and understand how to wear it. But in the passage of time it may become a matter of hardly few minutes. Floral printed wraparound slings offer more strength, diagonal stretch and breath ability. The baby’s weight is equally distributed over the shoulder, torso and hips of the user.


Floral designs on the baby carriers are just more welcoming than the rest. These reflect comfort, motivation, positivity and are soothing to the eyes too. So whether it is the Mei Tais, Pouch Slings or Wraparound ones, if you are looking for the safest baby carrier in a floral design, don’t forget to checkout Katherine’s site on the best baby carriers of 2014 because it is certainly going to be worth buying from!