Electric Scooter Riding Safety Tips

Safety Essentials

The unisex electric scooters because of their trendiness and comfort are quite in fashion these days. Riding a scooter is fun but taking all the safety measures is of the utmost priority. So now before riding a scooter it is essential to understand and implement these basic safety tips. These tips are specially for parents but if your kid rides electric scooter, you can teach him about the road safety and riding responsibly.

  • Read the accompanying booklet properly – Before going for a fun ride it is very important to go through the booklet provided along with the vehicle. Read all the precautions to be taken carefully and follow the “dos and don’ts” mentioned.
  • Check for the battery before ride – it is important to ensure that the battery of the scooter is charged properly so that it does not give up in the mid of the way. Charging should be done as instructed and the mentioned precautions should be taken care of.
  • Do NOT overload the scooter – Scooters are to be ridden by a single person. Therefore carrying along a passenger is just not a good idea. Doing some fun tricks like overloading the scooter or doing some stunts can imbalance the scooter and may lead to an accident.
  • Wear all the safety equipment – It is very essential to wear all the safety equipment before hopping on for a ride. The safety equipment may include helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves and reflective gear. The quality of these equipment is of prime concern therefore it should be made sure that the equipment are of very good quality and are protective. The size of the equipment like especially of a helmet should be perfect as to fit to the driver.
  • Abide by the traffic rules – while riding the scooter on road, the traffic rules should be kept in mind. Keeping a sound knowledge of all the traffic rules is a duty as well as right of the driver. It makes them less prone to accidents; ensuring a safe ride.
  • Carry along a first aid kit- It is advisable to equip electric scooters with a well possessed first aid kit. In case of any mishap, the kit can be used as the primary aid. This prevents the kid from any other conditions that could get worse with time. The kit may include cotton, bandage, hygiene liquid, a sanitizer and an antiseptic cream.
  • Get familiar with the scooter’s working – The scooter’s functioning and a brief idea of its parts can be helpful in case of emergencies. In a situation where there is no mechanic to help when there is one badly needed, a self-help can give an escape. In such case it becomes really essential to possess the knowledge of different parts of scooter and their functioning as well.
  • Carry a tool kit – Assistance of a toolkit during a ride can help fix some small problems in case they occur. The tool kit may include the following listings- ratchets, sockets, wrenches, hex keys and driver sockets.

Smart scooters like ZEV7000 and concept C by BMW have been brought to the market in these days. So, before going for a ride on that trendy electric scooter do ensure to match every safety measure. Polish your driving skills and have a joy ride.