Best Cribs for Small Spaces and Bedrooms

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Nothing gives a parent so much joy as the introduction of a new family member in the house – your little bundle of joy. This is surely the best time, and you want everything to be perfect, right? However, this could equally be the most stressful and expensive time because you’ll need a lot of baby items to keep your little one comfortable. Cribs for small spaces are an essential must-have item before your child comes home.

Baby cribs

Baby cribs are both functional and stylish and are designed to keep your little one comfortable while sleeping. Unfortunately, the abundance of baby cribs in the market today will make this such a daunting task. You’ll need to put a lot of things into consideration before settling for the right crib that meets your needs.

Your small space

The size of your apartment may equally affect the type of baby bed to purchase. To some extent, this may probably get you so worked up you wouldn’t know what to do. You may even begin looking for other different options for a baby crib such as a small cradle, or a bassinet that will occupy any small space while ensuring your child is comfortable. Fortunately, there are numerous mini cribs out in the market sure to fit that small bedroom.

Cribs for small spaces

Cribs for small bedrooms will function just as the regular crib but have dimensions scaled to fit smaller rooms. They are popular to many as mini cribs and are the perfect choice when you want to save space. Despite their size, cribs for small rooms will promise the same degree of comfort and safety to your baby while giving the room that beautiful look.

With numerous choices for cribs for small rooms, it’s pretty understandable if you take your time shopping around. This article equally makes your work less stressful with a list of three best cribs for small bedrooms you’d surely want to put into consideration while making an informed decision.

Dream On Me Model 628-w 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib


This beautifully designed 4 in 1 mini crib will gracefully mature with your child. The wood and cherry unisex mini crib come in different colors sure to match your taste, whether white, black, or Espresso. It has an adjustable 3-position mattress support system and can easily be converted to a day bed or twin size bed.

It’s stylish and sturdy look makes it an elegant nursery furniture that will grow with your child. The 28 pound 628 Aden Convertible Mini Crib will require a mattress that is 2 inches thick but a 3-inch mattress will work perfectly too.

DaVinci Emily M4798W


This 2-in-1 mini crib is available in 6 different colors; Cherry, White, Ebony, Natural, Honey-Oak, and Espresso. It is small and thus the perfect choice if you want to save some space. It is a low profile crib that allows you to reach your child easily.

The M4798W DaVinci Emily meets ASTM International with a 2 level mattress support. What’s more, it’s pretty easy to assemble and comes with a 1-inch waterproof changing pad. Aside from its gorgeous look and beautiful design, this lightweight mini crib can easily be moved around without any strain.

Delta 4470-604 Portable Mini Crib


Not only is this crib small, it equally folds making it easy to store and move around while traveling. The Delta 3 in 1 portable crib is a true definition of style and functionality merging to bring out a crib that is not only safe for babies but also convenient with its unique features. It matches all the descriptions of cribs for small rooms because aside from its small size, it’s light and easy to move around.

The Delta 4470-604 comes in White color, Cherry or Natural allowing you the freedom to choose on that suit your color taste. It’s non-toxic finish and wood material makes it pretty safe for your baby aside from adding a beautiful look in your small space. The fold-able Delta Crib has a stationary front and back rail and a 2-position mattress height adjustment.

Final thought

Worried about the size of your small room? No need to do so anymore. Mini cribs help save space while giving your baby a comfortable and safe place to sleep in just as regular cribs. With the above options for cribs for small spaces, you’ll truly have an easy time getting the right crib that meets your needs.